The Giving Manger includes the Book, a manger, straw, and Baby Jesus (we include the free log!!). My favorite thing about this set is that it is a constant reminder to me (and my children) that gifts aren’t always material items. For me, I think the most valuable gift I can be given is someone’s time!! This book explains that, and explains how all of the items included in the set is used. It’s super easy, AND you don’t have to move it or hide it everyday!!!

The Giving Manger Book Steps:

STEP #1: Read the book to your family after Thanksgiving.

STEP #2: Set up the Manger somewhere everyone can see.

STEP #3: Print out or make list of service ideas.

STEP #4: Begin getting excited over putting a single piece of straw in the Manger when a service of giving is done each day leading up to Christmas.

STEP #5: CRY your eyes out as you watch your kids get excited about serving others.

STEP #6: Watch as the Giving Manger fills with straw leading up to Christmas.

STEP #7: On #Christmas Day, baby #Jesus is placed in the Manger and stories from the last days fill the hearts of all.

Giving Manger

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